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The International Student Movement (ISM) is an independent communication platform for groups and activists around the world to exchange information, network and coordinate activities in our struggle against the increasing commercialisation of education and for free emancipatory education for all!

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Marburg, Feb.9: Anti-Capitalist Education Block/ Squat at former School

Marburg, February 9th:
Anti-Capitalist Education Block/
Students Squat Former School Building

Around 250 people took to the streets of Marburg - a small town with around 80,000 people in the middle of Germany - during an anti-capitalist demonstration. Part of it was also an anti-capitalist education block (call to action in German):


Also signs saying "No Border, No Nation - Free Education!" as well as "I'm NOT human capital!" were spotted.
Other topics included sexism, deportations, as well as the increasing privatisation of public space.

Among others also this banner was part of the demo:

'Overcoming borders! Solidarity instead of Germany'

The whole demo was accompanied by a huge riot police contingent. When the protesters were about to reach the final destination of the march (a major junction) to hold a final speech 3 rows of riot police blocked the demo. This resulted in scuffels and the use of pepper spray as well as batons by the law and order personnel.
Reports are still vague, but according to newspaper and eye wittness reports at least four people were detained, searched, identified (incl. pictures taken) by the riot police.

mainstream reports (in German): +

At night around 150 people (mostly) students began to squat an empty house (formerly a school) as a practical step in the struggle against the increasing privatisation of public space and for affordable housing.
The house has been empty for a while and was recently privatised (sold for €1.1m). The new owner wants to use it to rent expensive apartments.
The squatters aim to keep the space and fill it with workshops, public screenings and cultural activities at least for the coming days.

website for details (in German):
on twitter: @squatmarburg

Activities Worldwide related to the GLOBAL EDUCATION STRIKE

Activities Worldwide related to the

The following is an overview of many of the activities related to the GLOBAL EDUCATION STRIKE (Oct.18 + Nov.14-22) sorted by dates and locations. Basis of the GES was this call to action as well as the international joint statement.

This video can also be downloaded on (direct link, .wmv, ~650mb).


Sorted by dates:

✖  October 18 (Global Day of Action to Reclaim Education -- Direct Democracy NOW!

✖  November 14  ✖  November 15    November 16  ✖  November 17  ✖  November 18 

✖  November 19  ✖  November 20  ✖  November 21  November 22 

Sorted by locations (number in brackets indicates the date for locations with more than one entry):

✖  Arcata    Auckland    Bangkok    Belgrade    Bremen (N14)  Bremen (N19) 

✖  Bristol (N15)  Bristol (N19)    Brno (O18)  Brno (N19)    Brussels 

✖  California    Chicoutimi    Coburg    Erlangen    France    Frankfurt/M    Göttingen 

✖  Hannover (N14)  Hannover (N15) Hannover (N19)  Hannover (N22)    Hildesheim 

  Indonesia  ✖  Kiev (N15)  Kiev (N16)    Lausanne    London    Lüneburg 

✖  Manila    Marburg (N14)  Marburg (N19)  Marburg (N20)    Milan    Montréal    Morocco    Münster 

✖  New Orleans    New York    Oldenburg    Prague    Québec (N14)  Québec (N22)    Québec City 

✖  Rimouski    Santiago de Chile    Semarang    Taipei    Vechta    Winnipeg    Zürich 


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January 17/18: Rallies for free education in Augsburg and Hannover

Augsburg and Hannover, January 17/18th:
Rallies for Free Education

In the struggle for free education a broad alliance called for rallies in Augsburg (Bavaria) and Hannover (Lower-Saxony) on January 17th and 18th respectively.

Bavaria and Lower-Saxony are the only two federal states (out of 16) in Germany left charging general tuition fees at universities.

In five other federal states tuition fees were abolished again after massive protests in the past few years - e.g. most recently in North-Rhine Westphalia.

That the demonstrations were initiated now is no coincidence. In Bavaria a popular referendum aiming to abolish tuition fees kicked off on January 17th. For it to be successful almost 1,000,000 people need to participate. It is likely to succeed, recent polls suggest that around 74% of the population reject the idea to charge people for the opportunity to study. The referendum ends on January 30th.
Up to 2,000 people participated in the rally in Hannover and 600 in Augsburg. At least in Hannover protesters did not just express their rejection of tuition fees, but also focussed on the abolition of fees linked to the access to education in general - incl. kindergarden.
Many students in Bavaria and Lower Saxony also protested during the Global Education Strike in November 2012.

website of the referendum:

In Lower-Saxony elections for the parliament of the federal state are scheduled for January 20th. Opposition parties are supporting the call for the abolition of tuition fees - at least for now.

Let's see if tuition fees will be abolished across Germany in the coming months. That would also be an important signal for the struggle on the global level.

videos and pictures of the rallies:



banner says: for a society based on solidarity! - tearing down barriers in the access to education!

Student Collectives - Öğrenci Kolektifleri - in Turkey appeal for Worldwide Solidarity

Student Collectives - Öğrenci Kolektifleri -
in Turkey appeal for Worldwide Solidarity

Remember the state repression during the protests at the Middle East Technical University in Ankara in December 2012?

This appeal for support was sent to the global ISM mailing list on January 18 - the general assembly is scheduled for January 25th:

We are an independent student union in Turkey, the Student Collectives (Öğrenci Kolektifleri in Turkish). We are fighting against commercialization of education and we demand the right of free education, free accommodation, free transportation against neoliberalism. We also fight for democratic rights as the current government, AKP, attacks everyone's democratic rights and gets people arrested who are against this government.

The prime minister, Tayyip Erdoğan wants to commercialise education and some weeks ago, he tried to go to a university, Middle East Technical University. But the students of METU said that this prime minister is against people's fundamental rights, he tries to commercialise education and he is anti-democratic. That's why he souldn't be at universities because universities should be independent from political parties. The police attacked the students out of nowhere with thousands of police officers with gas bombs and beated students. A student got seriously hurt, almost dying, with a gas bomb hitting his head. Other students from all over the country protested against this situation. And all over the country, these students got into custody, the police broke into some of their houses and took them, lots of student almost got arrested because they protested against the Prime Minister, Tayyip Erdoğan. Even students who say that Turkish and Kurdish people are like sisters and brothers and there should be peace among them, are arrested today for months. This is the situation in Turkey; the current government makes people poor and arrests journalists, students and all other people who are against this.

In these times, it is important to fight against politicians who works against society's favor. That's why we fight against the AKP government and defend our rights against neoliberalism. And we are gathering together as the Student Collectives from all over the country. Lots of students from many cities and universities will be together and talk about what can be done. That's why we ask you to send us a video massage. We want to show it in this big general assembly of the Student Collectives. It will show us that there are other students around the world who fight for the same things and it will motivate us. It is very important for us so we are waiting your answer and video message.

The Student Collectives

Please send your messages of support before January 25th!

Ankara, Dec.18: Students clash with Riot Police at MET University during protest against PM

December 18, Ankara:
Students Clash with Riot Police in Protest against Visit of PM Erdoğan at MET University

The following message was sent in by activists on the ground:

Students demo in Ankara attacked by police – One Student in mortal danger

Demonstration against the visit of Prime Minister Erdogan at the Middle East Technical University (METU) in Ankara. Clashes between protesters and the police for several hours. Result: Two heavily injured students and more than two dozen lightly-medium injured students.

«seller of science and imperialist war market-barker Tayyip get out of METU

In the afternoon and early evening of 18th December 2012 according to well-informed sources about 1000 students were protesting at the Middle East Technical University (ODTÜ) in Ankara, Turkey. The students were protesting against a visit by the Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan at their university. Erdogan and his governmental-party AKP have been pushing forward the privatization and economization of higher education for years. The reason for the visit was the launch of the satellite «Goturk2» of the Turkish government and the Turkish military. The satelite has been shot into orbit on Monday 18th December at around 17:00 Turkish time. The launch was observed at METU by Erdogan, highrank military officials and their entourage through Live-Broadcasting.

The protest however was mainly directed against Erdogan and against the «national and international policies of the authority.» On the front banner it was written: «seller of science and imperialist war market-barker Tayyip get out of METU.»

The 1000 person strong demonstration started to walk at 15:50. At 16:15 the demonstration was attacked without further warning by the 3000 person strong police with rubber bullets, irritant gas and 8 water-canon-tanks. Two students were severely injured. One of them, Barış Barışık, is still in mortal danger. Dozens of other students have been injured during those clashes lasting several hours. Our sources were talking of at least 20. At 22:45 the police was shouting: «no more arrests just beat and leave them»

Following the protests police arrested 12 students after raiding university dorms in Istanbul. The Israel National News reports that during the demonstration itself five students were injured and 26 detained. "At least one student remains hospitalized in serious condition after being struck at close range with a pepper gas canister."


This video shows the demonstration and the clashes with the police.

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