Coordination: first Global Education Strike in history!

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~ Coordination ~

★ ★ final GLOBAL CHAT MEETING before the GES: Nov.11th (sunday) ★ ★

Latest updates in connection with the global coordination efforts:

During previous global chat meetings participants agreed on the following so far:

  • It is understood and foreseen that the situation is different at each location; not everyone will be able to strike for the entire week, or sometimes not even a few days. Be it a strike, a rally or any other type of action in the context of the Global Education Strike, the most important aspect is COMMUNICATION on the local AND global level!!
  • This pad was set up to collect what will happen where in connection with the GES - please add your activities:

  • Why a common framework?
    The common framework currently consists of three elements: a statement, symbols and slogans.
    It facilitates COMMUNICATION. The statement describes the basic common ground for the global coordination. Symbols/Slogans enable everyone to visually link any activities with the GLOBAL EDUCATION STRIKE on the local and global level. Of course all the elements of the framework should be treated as suggestions. And it is understood that each group/network/assembly will have their own call to action and local issues to focus on, but put into the global context.
    ~ Joint Statement
    It was agreed to use the international joint statement - currently endorsed by more than 100 groups in 36 countries worldwide - as the basis for the Global Education Strike.
    ~ Slogans
    It was agreed to use RECLAIM EDUCATION #1world1struggle as the 'main slogan' for the Global Education Strike. In case individuals or groups don't like this slogan, they might as well just choose another one, although everyone is encouraged to at least use #1world1struggle at the end of each slogan as a commonality. Other slogan suggestions are collected inside this pad.
    ~ Symbols
    Participants of previous chat meetings like the symbols used during the Global Weeks of Action for Education in Nov. 2011 and therefore suggest the following:


    as well as a 'red square' made of cloth, which was very popular during the student strike in Quebec:

    Further suggestions can be send to the global ISM mailing list or to

    Following weeks of discussion participants of the global chat meeting on July 28th agreed on this CALL to ACTION for the GLOBAL EDUCATION STRIKE. Please help to translate it by using this pad and consider to endorse it as a group/organization/network or assembly.
    To support collaboration/coordination efforts various etherpads were set up; overview of all pads connected to the GES.
    Consider to get involved and make use of the pads as well!
    Hashtags to use in connection with the GES: #1world1struggle.
    Event page set up on facebook: Global Education Strike
    In addition a pad was set up to facilitate the coordination of 'live video conferences' (for example if you want to arrange a short video chat with activists elsewhere in the world during a general assembly), to collect links to 'live-streams' and give technical support.
    All who want to stay in touch with the flow of information in connection with the GES are encouraged to subscribe to the open global ISM mailing list.
  • final global chat meeting before the GES
    -> November 11 (4pm UTC) - it is also a great space to clarify questions and for everyone to get involved!

How to share your thoughts and stay connected:

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Send an email to the global mailing list or contact

~ one world - one struggle ~

Tunisian Activist

I am a Tunisian activist, and a free education is definately one of my goals. With my group ' desobedience movement', we are currently preparing for the global action day and how to to make it succeed especially with the current situation of the country. Good luck everyone!