Call for Feedback: Uniting in our Struggle Globally in November 2011?

Call for Feedback:
Uniting in our Struggle Globally
in November 2011?

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During the last Global Chat Meeting (June 12th), which was joined by about 30 activists around the world, the participants decided to publish the following call and invite to another Global Chat Meeting on July 31st to discuss the feedback.

We suggest coordinating actions in our struggle against the increasing commercialisation of education and for free emancipatory education on the global level together for November 2011. We suggest using the International Joint Statement, which is currently being endorsed by close to 80 groups in 30 countries, as a content basis. So instead of creating a new one we encourage everyone to support and help to re-circulate the already existing one. Nonetheless everybody is free to initiate an alternative statement, of course. Furthermore, we suggest calling for a global day of outrage for free emancipatory education on November 17th, 2011. We call on all peoples' assemblies, groups and networks identifying with our struggle to discuss this idea locally and give feedback to everyone on the ISM platform. We also encourage the discussion of this suggestion on the ISM platform and sub-platforms.
Alternatives, such as a Global Week of Action (Nov.14-20th) or a Global Month/Wave of Action, should be considered as well.

One important question is how we can connect the different activities worldwide as part of the Global Day/Week/Month/Wave of Action better. Everyone is asked to think of ideas on this regard. A Special Chat Meeting to coordinate common actions based on the feedback from peoples' assemblies, groups and networks around the world is scheduled for July 31st, 2011 at noon EST/ 4pm GMT/ 6pm CET/ 9.30pm IST on

Feedback can be given through the ISM (global) mailing list and be posted as a comment below this entry (after signing up to the website).

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