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Oct.18th & Nov.14-22nd 2012

We are calling for a Global Education Strike. It is the first time that an education strike is being coordinated worldwide. We will UNITE in solidarity, because no matter where we live, we face the same struggle against national state and profit driven interests, and their hold on education. Increasing tuition fees, budget cuts, outsourcing, school closures, as well as other phenomena are linked to an increasing commercialization and privatization of education. Only by uniting globally will we be able to overcome these and enable free emancipatory education for all.

We are all struggling against cuts in education. Most of us are drowning in student debt. The increasing pressure to perform just makes us sick and the restrictions on education and ever-increasing tuition fees, among other barriers, make us angry! 
Everyone must have access to education no matter their monetary or social status.
We have had enough of the pressure to measure everything - even the  unmeasurable! We are sick and tired of competitiveness being the only criteria dictating everything! It is about time that we do something about this together – UNITED!

We are all people affected by the increasing commodification and commercialization of education. This is vividly portrayed by the symptoms affecting us, such as schools and universities being de-democratized and the further implementation of more hierarchical structures. The education market and competition between institutions is being facilitated by governments around the world, which are increasingly privatizing education, health care, and all other social needs.

In June 2012 alone, we recorded 45 protests in more than 40 cities in connection with the struggle for free emancipatory education. Governments have chronically underfunded the institutions, often using  the current economic crisis as a pretext. They promote 'solutions' such as: rankings encouraging competition; closing schools that 'underperform'; increasing student enrollment without increasing  faculty, staff, and student resources; outsourcing everything that can be outsourced; promoting elite institutions. All these 'solutions' are steps towards an increasing commodification and privatization of education, which also has negative impacts on the conditions for teaching and learning.

The education market and national states require that profits take priority over developing the capabilities for emancipatory thinking. Both need obeying 'citizens', consumers and cheap labour, not emancipated individuals living self-determined lives.

We are being mechanized to function as cogs in the capitalist machine. We  are socialized to compete with our fellows on every level. Our creativity, our energy and our free spirits are actively being crushed by the educational institution.

The education system within capitalism consists mainly of training factories which are supposed to produce human capital for the exploitation on the labour market as well as knowledge to be commodified. To point out these links and interrupt this mode of production we herewith call for the closing down of educational institutions worldwide during the Global Education Strike.

Fight back! Join in the GLOBAL EDUCATION STRIKE.
All justice begins with knowledge. Stand with us as one this October and November, and the whole world will hear our call to Reclaim Education.

Send an email to the global ISM mailing list or to, if you endorse this Call to Action as well and want to be listed below the Call.

Common Framework: Global Education Strike
  • International Joint Statement: it includes what we are struggling against, what we are fighting for, and why we are calling for a unified global strike in November. It is currently being endorsed by 100 groups in 36 countries worldwide.
  • Symbols:


as well as a 'red square' made of cloth, which was very popular during the student strike in Quebec:

  • Slogan: RECLAIM EDUCATION #1world1struggle (pad with further suggestions)
Since education is the basis for the emancipation of the individual as well as society at large the struggle for free emancipatory education concerns not just students, but just as much parents, workers, teachers - everyone!


Reclaim Education!  Reclaim Space!  Reclaim Our Lives!

For the latest information on the coordinated efforts of the Global Education Strike and to find out how to participate on the global level, follow this link.

This call to action was agreed on by people on the ISM platform who collaborated via chat rooms, phone calls, and online meetings over the past few months. The symbols and slogans should facilitate more effective communication worldwide.

So far this Call to Action is being endorsed by:

ADEESE - Association des Etudiantes et Etudiants en Sciences de l'Education
à l'Université du Québec à Montréal (Canada)

AECSAUM - l’Association Étudiante des Cycles Supérieurs d’Anthropologie
de l’Université de Montréal (Canada)

AEESA - l'Association des Étudiantes et Étudiants en Sociologie et Anthropologie
de l'Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (Canada)

AÉH - Association Étudiante d'Histoire
de l'Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (Canada)

All in the Red;
activist collective in New York City (U.S.A.)

Education Union - Anarho-Sindikalistička Inicijativa (Serbia)

Assemblea Studenti Trento, Trentino-Alto Adige (Italy)

Asso CÉTASE - Eastern Asian Studies
University of Montreal (Quebec, Canada)

General Students' Committee;
University of Goettingen (Germany)

General Students' Committee;
University of Kassel (Germany)

General Students' Committee
University of Lüneburg (Germany)

General Students' Committee;
University of Marburg (Germany)

General Students' Committee
University of Münster (Germany)

Bristol Left;
Bristol University society (UK)

CLASSE - Coalition Large de l'Association pour une Solidarité Syndicale Étudiante (Quebec, Canada)
Besides endorsing the international joint staement CLASSE decided during its Congress on August 25th 2012 to invite its members to take a position on their participation in the Global Education Strike.
This proposal was brought forward by the members and passed unanimously.

نادي الوعي الطلابي Club Conscience Estudiantine;
Faculté des Sciences Aïn Chock Casablanca (Morocco)

Direct Action - network of independent student trade unions (Ukraine)

El Frente Estudiantil por la Educación - FEE de varias carreras de la Universidad Nacional de Asunción

Grüne Jugend Aachen/ Green Youth Aachen (Germany)

Hemmarat Ramkhamhaeng University (Thailand)

Kampangdang Suan Sunanta University
- Student Council (Thailand)

Klacid Ramkhamhaeng University (Thailand)

Klapayom Group Rangsit University (Thailand)

Lookchaobaan Burapha University (Thailand)

MURC - Movimiento de Unión y Resistencia Ciudadana- estudiantes de Poza Rica Veracruz (Mexico)
(Movement of Unions and Citizen Resistance)

El Movimiento Universitario Independiente - MUI de Sociología y Polítologia
de la Universidad Nacional de Asunción

Movimiento Universitario Popular - M.U.P. de Trabajo Social
de la Universidad Nacional de Asunción

Occupy NOLA
- New Orleans (U.S.A.)

Ram-Volunteer Ramkhamhaeng University (Thailand)

Sapansung Group Thammasat University (Thailand)

Sereenontree Kasetsat University (Thailand)

Serikat Mahasiswa Indonesia (SMI) - Indonesian Student Union

Six Universities Student Network (Thailand)

Social-Democracy Movement (Thailand)

Social-Democratic Party;
Ramkhamhaeng University (Thailand)

Students Against Student Suffering, collective of concerned students, faculty, and workers
through out the University of California (U.S.A.)

YXK - Yekîtiya Xwendevanên Kurdistan

Association of Students from Kurdistan (Germany)

The following groups of the student/democracy movement #YoSoy132 confirmed to support the call to action so far:
#YoSoy132UNAM - Universidad nacional Autónoma de México
#YoSoy132IPN - Instituto Plitécnico Nacional
#YoSoy132IBERO - Universidad Iberoamericana
#YoSoy132UAM - Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana
#YoSoy132Anahuac - Universidad Anahuac
#YoSoy132Academicos - Profesores de diversas universidades Mexicanas
(lecturers from various universities in Mexico)
#YoSoy132Nuevo León - Estudiantes de la UANL Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León
#YoSoy132UACH - Universidad Autónoma de Chiapingo
#YoSoy132UAEM - Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México
#YoSoy132UAMX - Universidad Autónoma de la Ciudad de México
#YoSoy132UVM - Universidad del Valle de México
#YoSoy132ITESM - Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey

- Young Turks Connection (Thailand)


Send an email to the global ISM mailing list or to, if you endorse this Call to Action as well and want to be listed below the Call.