Oct.18: Global Day of Action to RECLAIM EDUCATION - Direct Democracy Now!

October 18th 2012:
Global Day of Action to RECLAIM EDUCATION - Direct Democracy Now!

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Collaboration tools used for the day of action:

As part of the coordinations for the GLOBAL EDUCATION STRIKE [Oct.18 + Nov.14-22] people from different parts of the world discussed the idea to call for the Global Day of Action to RECLAIM EDUCATION - Direct Democracy Now! during various chat meetings. Participants of the chat on August 26th in the end agreed to publish the following call:

Global Day of Action to Reclaim Education - Direct Democracy Now! 
As part of the Global Day of Action student groups as well as various networks and communities are encouraged to hold general assemblies, which allow direct democracy, to discuss the issues related to education that affect them locally.  General Assemblies would be an occasion to make decisions on the participation in the Global Education Strike (GES) in the perspective of 1World1Struggle. Details on the GES and its call to action are available at ism-global.net/global_education_strike and ism-global.net/call2action_GES, respectively.

Groups are also encouraged to organize actions that announce their participation in the Global Education Strike mid-November, both to spread the word locally as well as to let the world know of their intentions. All the images/videos from the day will be posted on ISM platforms (website, facebook, twitter) to show support and solidarity.

Furthermore all are encouraged to subscribe to the mailing list to stay connected to the flow of information on the global level!

Note on General Assemblies:
For all members in a given community (whether it be in a student association or any other organization) to be empowered and have a voice. A general assembly allows for:
  • direct democracy – everyone can  express themselves and have an equal say
  • local sovereignty within the  association
  • space for discussion and debate – everyone can propose and amend motions (propositions). Thus everyone gets to make collective decisions.
  • a few people (executives or council members) don’t decide on behalf of others.
Those elected are accountable to the members; the General Assembly (GA) is thus the most democratic body that allows this in a transparent manner. A general assembly is democratic because it can be called at any time by the association, whether at the departmental or faculty level or at the community level, as well as by any member who collects the minimum amount of signatures required by the association's by-laws (regulations). A general assembly is also important to discuss and debate, and for everyone to consider new opinions and solutions, and together decide what can be done collectively.
this text on general assemblies is based on: concordiastudents.ca/generalassembly


Questions or suggestions can be send to the global mailing list or united.for.education@gmail.com.