Video Project ahead of Global Education Strike

Video Project ahead of the
Global Education Strike

Participants of the global chat meeting on September 1st came up with the following idea:

Creating a video that contains the Call to Action for the GLOBAL EDUCATION STRIKE split into different fragments, recorded in different languages with subtitles in English.
To achieve this everyone is asked to do the following:
  • film yourself while you read out the call to action at some cool place (like presidents' offices, faculties, city landmarks, public squares, etc)
  • make sure to display a banner in different languages in the background with a lot of people around.
Suggestions for the content of the banner:
  • "RECLAIM EDUCATION" in your local language
  • name of your city
  • days of the strike together with the words GLOBAL EDUCATION STRIKE, etc.
Please leave a message inside this etherpad, if you plan to record a contribution for this video project or have any questions in this regard.

For all the clips to be compatible the videos should be uploaded in mp4 format (if possible in HQ).

Contributions (in form of a link where the video can be downloaded) should be send to before October 21st, so that the day of action on Oct.18th can still be used to record the clip.